About Tree Safari

What is the Tree Safari?

Tree Safari is collecting and sharing interesting stories about Kenyan trees and forests.  Stories about tree behaviour, about how trees, animals and people interact, about the importance of trees and forests to our environment and to Kenya’s culture and history.  We are interested in 'Tree Heroes'- people who are conserving forests, planting trees or contributing to awareness and knowledge of trees in other ways... and in 'Champion trees': trees that deserve to be put on the map and conserved - because of their size, their age or their cultural or historical importance.  

Making sure we get our facts right

Before stories are shared, they are checked by our ‘Peer Review team’: a group of educators, tree experts, tree lovers and a great editor. They check each story, spot mistakes and give suggestions on how it could be clearer and more user friendly.   

 I am enormously grateful to the Tree Safari peer reviewers: Wendy Meagher, Stephen Kameti, Shayur Shah, Nicola Heath, Natasha Matsaert, Mark Nicholson, Lucy Njoka, Jono Jenkins, Frederique Grootenhuis, Fleur Ngweno.

 And to the many other experts who have given their input to individual stories (acknowledged on the story page).

We try our best to make sure each story is accurate.  However, if you spot any errors or feel that there is something that should be added to a story please let us know and we will correct them.

If you would like to be a Tree Safari Peer reviewer please contact Tree Safari.  

For love not money!

Tree Safari is a ‘cash free’ initiative.  We post our stories on this website and through social media so that they are freely available to anyone who is interested, and can be easily shared. Fact sheets on the stories are available free of charge and we hope they will printed and used by schools and wildlife groups.  If you share your story with us, we will not use it for monetary gain.

When we have enough interesting stories, we may create a Tree Safari book.  If so, this would be done in partnership with a forest conservation organisation, with books sold to support forest conservation and tree planting activities.  

How you can help

If you have skills that could help make the Tree Safari better please contact us.

We would love some help to

-      Improve the website and map  and to create an App to help people find forests near them.

-      Translate stories into other Kenyan languages

-      Help create more stories (writing, artwork and photos)

Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and support for Tree Safari.  

Safari Njema!