The Westlands Post Office Tree

Everyone who lives or works in Westlands district of Nairobi knows and loves this wonderful old tree.

Here's how Keith Pearson remembers it..

In 2020 the tree was scheduled to be cut down to make way for the widening of the Waiyaki way highway. People from all over the city came out to show their support for the tree.

On November 11th, Mohammed Badi, Director General of Nairobi Metropolitan Services announced that the tree was to be saved, and conserved for future generations by Presidential decree.

This is wonderful news for the tree and for the people who live and work around it. But the tree's reprieve has wider significance. As campaigner Elizabeth Wathuti of the Wangari Maatha foundation says 'This particular fig tree is ...a symbol of the bigger picture of what we are asking for. We want a green and clean city, and a clean Kenya'.

The Westlands Fig tree is marked as a 'champion tree' on the Tree Safari Map.

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