East and North East

Read about Ikoo Valley in Kitui County here.

Read about the Kyuasi Tree (Lannea schweinfurthii) here

Read about our tree safari to Embu here

Read about the acacia-commiphora woodlands of Kora National Park here

People use resins from trees in the acacia-commiphora woodlands to produce medicine, perfume and as an ingredient in many food products.  Read more about tree resins here.

African Acacias have new names!  Read about why this happened and what we call them now here.

The Creamy Peacock Flower tree is one of the largest and most useful trees in the arid lands. You can read more about it here.

Trees were protected in the sacred groves of Mbeere .  Read about the sacred hill of Kiangombe here

Is there a tree or forest in the North and North East that you would like Tree Safari to visit?  Email us on treesafari@gmail.com with your suggestions.