What kind of trees grow near you?

Every tree has its favourite kind of habitat?

What kind of environment are you in now? Click on a habitat type below and see what types of trees you may find there

(with thanks to Quentin Luke and Henk Beentje for their descriptions of Habitat types in 100 trees to see on Safari published by Struik Nature in 2020).

Are you near the sea?

Are you in a dry area with lots of small and spiny trees?

Are you in an savanna area with grasslands and scattered trees?

Are you by a river, lake or wetland area?

Are you in a forest with tall trees that is quite dry? Forests like this tend to be in the rain shadows of mountains or hills.

Are you in a moist forest - with tall trees and lots of rain? Or a place that you think was a wet forest once?

Are you up a mountain?

Are you in a Park, Street or Garden?

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