Tree Resins

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Trees in East Africa which we use for resins are:

 Gum Arabic from Senegalia senegal and Vachellia seyal.

Commercial gum resins from Commiphora myrrha, Commiphora holtziana and

Frankincense from Boswellia neglecta (not found in Kenya)

Resin is harvested in Marsabit, Wajir, Garissa, Mandera, Turkana, Samburu and Isiolo.

Here are some of the things our Kenyan resins are used for :

Gum Arabic is used as binder and emulsifier for:



Chewing gum

Binding water colour paints

Pharmaceutical drugs


Wine making

Shoe polish

Lickable adhesive for stamps and envelopes

Ceramic glazes

Photography emulsion



Commiphora resin (myrrh and opoponax) is used for:


Medicine (wound dressings)


Insect and snake repellent

Myrrh comes from Commiphora myrrha only.

Frankincense is used for:




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AGAR limited is a company that exports resins for Kenya.  Click here to visit their website 

Nancy and Susie Kinyanjui make essential oils from Kenyan trees. Click here to find out what they do and see their products.

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