Moist forest

Are you in a wet forest, or in land that you think used to be a forest?

On mountains the wet forest is on the side facing the wind as most of the rainfall happens here.  In Kenya that is usually on the Eastern side. This is also very good for agriculture which is why much of the moist forest, for example forest in Limuru, has been cut down for farming.  You may still be able to see some of the original wet forest trees.

Altitude 1000 - 3350 m

A Dragon tree (Dracaena steudneri) is a sign that you are in an area that used to be moist forest. When forests were cleared, these trees were often left standing, because their trunks are not very useful and they don't create too much shade.  The many Dragon trees in Nairobi show us that parts of the city were once forest.

Here are some trees to look out for:-

Fig trees

Muthiga tree

Spiky Cabbage tree

Jumping Seed tree

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Tigoni, North of Nairobi, is an an area that was once moist forest.  Most of the trees were cut to create farmland.  But in one part of Tigoni the forest is coming back!  Click here to find out more.

Much of Nairobi was once moist forest.  You can tell by the dragon trees.  Join the tree detectives to learn more about what trees can tell us about Nairobi's history here.